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Weave Future not Clothes

An awareness campaign on the exploitation of Industry workers in the Fashion Industry  



Mind map on problems faced in the fashion industry

Mindmap childlabour red-01.png

MAIN HIGHLIGHT - Exploitation of lower economic class people and child labour in the fashion Industry.

Child labour in the fashion supply chain

WHY DOES IT EXISTS - Fast fashion has engendered a race to

the bottom, pushing companies to find ever-cheaper sources of labour. That cheap labour is freely available in many of the countries where textile and garment production takes place.



Child labour and exploitation of workers in the fashion industry. 

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  • Poster series - 4 posters​

  • Social Media Instagram, 9 Posts


Poster child labour-01.png


The Hourglass depicts the time we have in our

hands to stop the cycle of child labour. The small girl is 

sitting on sand which is sliding down with the load of 

child labour. The thread is flowing down from the hands 

of the girl which depicts that she sewed the model’s clothes.

Poster child labour-04.png


The Lady is stitching an outfit using the machine.

The red bindi indicates she is Indian. Her clothes indicate that 

she comes from a poor family. The red thread coming out of 

the fabric is attached to a price tag which shows how much

the lady is paid for sewing clothes per hour. The price on the

tag clearly shows that she is being exploited and underpaid


Poster child labour-05.png


The barcode on the poster depicts the number of 

children engaged in child labour from all over the world. It 

is a striking fact that the number is so big that it can be 

confused for a barcode number.

Poster child labour-06.png


The map of India is made using a thread which 

is coming out of the needle on right. It depicts that a major

part of textile production in the fashion industry takes place

in India. For production, child labour is used in such a huge




I have designed nine post grid layout for Instagram. Each post has an illustration of a country which has the maximum number of child labours. All the eight posts include the countries

which have the highest count of child labours from

all over the world. The middle post includes the existing total of child labours from all over. 

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